WordCamp Montreal is a community-run event that includes as many people as possible in our decisions, however the core responsibilities tend to fall in the hands of a few key organizers who make sure that all the work gets done.

Carl Alexander
Carl Alexander Headshot


Carl Alexander is a PHP developer that loves learning about advanced technology topics. Besides helping with WordCamp Montreal, he organizes the other WordPress events during the rest of the year. His other interests lie with nutrition and sports science, weight training and, most importantly, video games.


Richard Archambault HeadshotRichard Archambault


Richard loves the web and really loves WordPress. After attending his first WordCamp Montreal in 2010, he was hooked! Now a Happiness Engineer with Automattic, Richard wants to help spread the WordPress goodness to anyone else who’s interested in the web. When he’s not tinkering with his sites, he loves going to Mexico to eat spicy tacos and ride around on the metro!

Élise Desaulniers


Élise is a partner at Desaulniers Simard, a small consulting, training, and web development agency. She’s penned three essays on the ethics of food and our moral responsibility towards animals. She speaks to the media, presents at conferences, and spends a lot of time tracking my likes on Instagram.


Jennifer Doré-Dallas HeadshotJennifer Doré-Dallas


Jennifer is a travel blogger at and a freelance writer. She’s also a self-employed copywriter and translator. She gives presentations and trainings on technology and travel.


Alex Ruaux
Alex Ruaux Headshot


Alex is a front-end developer with Ask PAM and freelancer at Molecularcode Web Design. She is also a regular instructor and mentor at Ladies Learning Code events. After a recent career shift herself, she enjoys giving back to the communities that helped support her. Aside from developing websites, her passions lie with 3D printing, gaming and enjoying the outdoors.

Andrea is a freelance copywriter and a content consultant at Automattic. She’s helped nonprofits, startups, schools, and big corporations improve their websites through the power of good content. She loves wordplay, coffee shop hopping, and blogging about how to pack the ultimate carry-on.


Previous Organizers

We’d also like to thank the organizers of previous editions of WordCamp Montreal for their hard work.

WordCamp Montréal 2009
Jeremy Clarke & Sylvain Carle

WordCamp Montréal 2010
Jeremy Clarke, Shannon Smith & Brendan Sera-Shriar

WordCamp Montréal 2011 & 2012
Jeremy Clarke, Shannon Smith, Brendan Sera-Shriar, & Carl Alexander.

WordCamp Montréal 2013
Jeremy Clarke, Shannon Smith, Carl Alexander, Alex Ruaux, Richard Archambault, & Kirk Wight.

WordCamp Montréal 2014
Jeremy Clarke, Shannon Smith, Carl Alexander, Alex Ruaux, & Richard Archambault.

WordCamp Montréal 2015
Shannon Smith, Carl Alexander, Alex Ruaux, Veronica Louis Richard Archambault.

WordCamp Montréal 2016
Shannon Smith, Carl Alexander, Alex RuauxRichard Archambault, and Andrea Zoellner.